Markdown Footnotes Using Keyboard Maestro

Jeff Hunsberger posted a neat method to create markdown footnotes using Keyboard Maestro (via Macdrifter). While I really liked the method, I didn’t understand why Jeff stopped without having Keyboard Maestro create the actual horizontal rule/ footnote for him. I messed around with Keyboard Maestro for a few minutes and came up with this extension:

In addition to the pieces that Jeff put together, this macro goes to the bottom of the current text file, checks if there is a horizontal rule within the last 10 lines (which I figure is a reasonable range for a pre-existing footnote-denoting horizontal rule). It then either creates the horizontal rule and pastes the footnote text if there is no pre-existing rule, or just pastes the footnote text if there was already a rule.

The end result requires fewer manual steps than Jeff's original and takes care of 90% of my footnote needs. I'll admit that it's not perfect for everyone or everything — if your footnotes are particularly involved the simple entry screen for the footnote text may not suffice. For those who post relatively simple, primarily explanatory footnotes, though, I think it works quite well.

You can download it here, if you like.