Moving Twitter and Google Reader Starred to OmniFocus

Federico Viticci posted a nerd-pleasing method for sending Twitter starred tweets to an OmniFocus inbox. Since I took a look at my overwhelming number of inboxes, I have been trying to consolidate as many of my inboxes into OmniFocus as possible. I was using my Twitter (and Google Reader) starred items as a kind of “review later” inbox, but it seemed to be an ideal candidate for consolidation.

To do so, I took a different route to Federico; I did not have the same requirement to avoid email in my system, so I was able to use OmniFocus’s Mail Rules (which moves emails with a specific format — — to the OmniFocus inbox).

To do so, I also used IFTTT Twitter, Google Reader and Mail channels to send starred items to the required email address (with the subject line set as the post/tweet URLs).


In addition to the above, I wanted a way to manually un-star all Twitter and Google Reader items at the end of every day. For this, I chose to use Keyboard Maestro; I set a macro to go off during the night which opens Tweetbot, switches to the Favorites, and un-stars an arbitrary number (10, I rarely exceed this number during a single day) of tweets.


As for Google Reader, I set up a separate macro that opens the Google Reader website and un-stars an arbitrary number (30) of posts. Unfortunately, if there are an odd number of starred items, this leaves the last item starred — if anyone can think of a way to fix this, it would be much appreciated.


If you are interested, you can grab the Keyboard Maestro macros on the downloads page.