OmniFocus "Mail Complete" AppleScript

Some days, I just feel like blowing off most of the tasks I thought I'd do and work on projects I really enjoy.

That was today.

In addition to the OmniFocus scripts I posted earlier, I built the first version of a pretty neat tool that connects Mail and OmniFocus. If you read my OmniFocus setup post, you'll know that I have many sequential OmniFocus projects with "Waiting For" contexts whenever I need something from someone else to move a project along. I have "Waiting For" contexts for each of the people who I communicate with frequently. The problem is, I often receive emails from these individuals but fail to remember to check off the associated "Waiting For" task. This script solves all that.

The script grabs the senders of all selected tasks and compares this to the list of contexts in your OmniFocus library. For the script to work, the individual waiting contexts must be together in a context group with the string "Wait" somewhere in the name. It then grabs every task that has a "Waiting For" context associated with that sender and has yet to be completed. The tasks it finds will show up in a picker list which allows you to automatically complete one or more. If it doesn't find any tasks, it will look to see if you have a perspective that looks like it's meant to look at "Waiting For" tasks and will offer to open it for you.

Download the script from the Projects page!

An illustration of the picker based on the selected messages.

An illustration of the picker based on the selected messages.