OmniFocus Utility Applescripts

I've been having lots of fun polishing some existing scripts and working on some new OmniFocus Applescripts. Time to do a bit more sharing.

Later.scpt, which allows you to batch-defer selected tasks by a given amount of time/ to a given date and time, has been updated with the ability to specify specific dates and times in a number of new syntaxes, an escape to temporarily change the due/ start date preference, and some general code improvements.

Paraquential.scpt is a very small script that switches the current group/ project between sequential and parallel ordering.

Finally, Name Replace.scpt is a find-and-replace tool for OmniFocus task/ project names. You define the replacement pair using the following syntax: currentString > replacementString. You can also specify how many of the replacements you want to do using "* numberOfReplacements"; for example, appending "* 2" will replace only the first two instances of the replacement pair. You can also do multiple find-and-replace actions simultaneously by separating each with "//". All of these syntax items can be changed in the script file.

All of these are available on the Projects page — I'm learning how to use git and Github so I will (hopefully) soon be able to put these in a more appropriate spot.