What's Eating OmniFocus, Part Two

Note: this is Part Two of a two part series on the problems in OmniFocus. This is the part where I get to show what I've been working on for weeks: mock-ups of how the suggestions I made in Part One could actually be implemented.

I'll make this quick so you can get to the mock-ups. I mentioned this at the end of Part One (you' be forgiven for not having made it all the way through):

Absent concrete ways of integrating these ideas into the application, they really aren't worth the bits they're painted on.

I really believe that. It's so easy to be an armchair design critic; when you have nothing at stake, don't have to worry about implementation, can ignore things that don't fit into your grand design vision, you can suggest anything with impunity.

I wanted to put something on the line, so I took on the task of showing exactly what my ideas for OmniFocus would look like. I used the iPhone version as the muse for this redesign as I feel that it is where the most work needs to be done.

I'd love it if you go visit the dedicated page for my redesign concept. I left no stone unturned — you'll find more than 70 mock-up screenshots, plus a pile of explanations for the decisions I've made. If you just want the screenshots, you can grab them here.

Hope you enjoy it!