Here, you'll find all of the downloadable resources included with the posts on this site. There's data, HTML/CSS, images, and software. Please feel free to download, modify, and share anything you please; there are absolutely no restrictions, though I certainly wouldn't protest if people link back to where they found it.


iOS and Android OS Version Data

Information from a variety of sources that puts together a picture of how iOS and Android versions are adopted over time: .numbers and details on iOS calculations in .xlsx

iPod touch Sales Data

Estimated iPod touch sales from Apple's various analysis, as well as the effects of the introduction of the iPad on sales of the iPod touch. .numbers or .xlsx

Other Data Downloads

  • iPad 2 Sales After "New" iPad Introduction: available as .xlsx
  • Tablet Sale Estimates by Device (Dec-2011—Feb-2012): available as .xlsx
  • Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note Sales Estimates (Mar-2012): available as .xlsx
  • Apple's Mobile Device Configurations Over Time: available as .numbers or .xlsx


Mac-to-iOS and iOS-to-Mac App Icon Transitions

A comprehensive look at the way developers (including Apples) translated their application icons from the Mac to iOS versions, or the other way around. The entire thing can be downloaded as .key, or you can just get images of all Mac-to-iOS transitions or iOS-to-Mac transitions

Other Design Downloads

  • Javascript-free Dropdown Menu (Using :hover): available as .html


Keyboard Maestro Macros

  • Switch Mouse, Close iTunes and Start Target Display Mode:here's the macro for switching to Target Disk Mode on the iMac (.kmmacros), and here's the macro for reconnecting the mouse and opening iTunes on the computer you're about to use (.kmmacros)
  • Create Automatic HTML/Markdown Footnotes: does exactly what it says on the tin (.kmmacros)
  • Send Overtyped Tweets to MarsEdit: available as a (.kmmacros)
  • Un-Star Twitter Items in Tweetbot: available as a (.kmmacros)
  • Un-Star Google Reader Items: available as a (.kmmacros)
  • Open a Forecast View for OmniFocus on the Mac: available as a (.kmmacros)